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The environment and the "upbringing"; of an individual in such an environment(under such conditions) has a lot to do with how the individual behaves/etc.

The way man murders, rapes, sells, and violently-devours other creatures is wrong.

In your book if you try to tell me that the "human" or "wolf" has the right to MURDER-CONSUME another, then are you also then telling me that the "wolf-man" has the right to devour the "human" or the human has the right to devour the wolf-man. This whole thing of MURDER and devourment sounds LAME, does it not?

My book has GROWN to know that it’s wrong for the WOLF to murder just as it’s wrong for the WOLF-MAN to murder, just as it is wrong for the HU-MAN to murder. Something that is wrong is still WRONG even if the creature is ignorant, "ignorance" and "trained society upbringing" I think would all be taken into consideration when dealing with cleaning up the mess...

I once personally (or having a hand in with others) ~ MURDERED/exploited creatures and I was wrong. I pray for forgiveness from the creatures in question(where-ever you may be). And I ask the entire life force to consider the position of a child who is born into a world where he is told that the slavery of the brown man is appropriate or that the consumption of chicken flesh is appropriate. Sincerely a human animal.


On this planet-earth(at this time in the 20th-21st centuries), I was born into a "non-vegan" society just like some were born into a society where SLAVERY was a common thing. Society "accepted" slavery just as they accepted the slaughtering of creatures... it was a tragic situation, and it appears it still is a tragic situation here on earth in different parts: MEAT ON THE SHELF.

Some people today devour flesh or other animal products.  Some do not see that it is WRONG to murder/rape. Some do not see that it is GROSS to devour flesh. (variety of reasons)

Again, to try to put it in perspective : When I was in High School or up until I realized enough and "went vegan", if someone tried to tell me murdering other animals was wrong ~ I probably would have said they were crazy or I would have "mis-placingly gotten offended" by what they were saying... perhaps referencing some bible-verse-story(that I perhaps took out of context) or other stupid/brainwashed piece of information which I was FED or created myself in and because of the "context" of the world in which I resided. The position of being born into a sick cultured environment. In this life wish I could have "broken free" a lot sooner.

Being Vegan - basically means you do not murder and or in general DO NOT rape("wrongfully-exploit") others. YOU are aware RAPE BETWEEN ALL CREATURES is wrong. You choose to lead a lifestyle to AVOID SUCH and make effort to help end rape.



In this non-vegan world that many of us were born into there are people who have not yet COME to realize that as far as the "NO-RAPE function" goes : the chicken or the dog or the human or the mouse and all creatures are equals, as far as that GOES.

There is BAD ENERGY and BAD CHEMISTRY around others at times who have not yet woken... you have to be careful ...

HAve people chosen RAPE and MURDER over the BROTHER HOOD?  Some persist on roads where they have chosen rape over themselves, over their number one lover.

IN A RAPEFUL WORLD THINGS CHANGE WHEN CREATURES realize that it is TRUE that when they do something WRONG to another(whether that other is a bird or man or fish or man etc) that in fact they DISTURB their own life, their OWN "love life" at that.

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A RAPEFUL SYSTEM.... If you're 5 or 105 : "veganism" is FOR YOU. If you're about ready to "pass on" or if you got what appears to be a STRETCH of LIFE in this path ahead of you... veganism is for you.

Also, I think this "NUMBER ONE LOVER"  thing is something you may want to know about as well.

IN THE NAME : AMEN(and of course AWOMEN)